Towering above Lelant Downs in West Penwith , Trencrom hill is located close to Hayle and Carbis Bay.


From the top you have a 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside and both St Ives Bay looking north to Padstow and Mount’s Bay with St Michael’s Mount.


Standing 550 feet high, Trencrom is an ancient hill fort and a perfect spot to sit and watch the sun rise or set. And in spring and autumn you may feel its mystical powers, if you are receptive.

The hill was recorded as Torcrobm in 1758 which is derived from Cornish “torr crobm“, i.e. ‘hunched bulge‘.


40 thoughts on “Trencrom Hill

    1. Natural and very old. I have clambered up some of the rocks to get a view, but not this one. I am not much of a rock climber and these days my hips and knees don’t seem to want to move as well as they did 😦


  1. Are you receptive? You’ve posted loads while I’ve been gone! We were out walking and feasting with the group today so quiet night in. Phone has its limits but I can do a bit of catch up. That looks like a great spot for a scramble xx


    1. Phone a bit of a dead loss here! But wi-fi working fine. A beautiful day today, but the cattle are very loud tonight so I guess I won’t be getting much sleep 😦


        1. Our lovely little riverside bar Anazu seems to have gone out of business. Atrocious price paid for a Caipirinha-just cos I fancied one. It IS a holiday, after all? Back to the real world soon xx


        2. Mick had the pet lip. The waiter asked how my Caipirinha was. I said I’d had better and he replied ‘you will not pay for it’. Of course, he still charged and we won’t be going back. Shame because it’s such a nice spot. Excellent meal after though xx


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