In the evening I am drawn to the garden to watch the cloud formations as the sun sets over the hill.



22 thoughts on “Clouds

    1. I can watch the sky for hours here! But too much to do. No clouds today, just a beautiful blue sky! Another job done – clearing out the garden shed and taking the rubbish to the recycling centre. Just a pity that the floor is rotten and the roof wet! Not sure whether it is worth trying to repair or better to replace, I shall see what the son-in-law says when he comes down.


        1. I have done the north facing / south facing and the east/west. Good to see the sunsets again though. Last house faced south and then by mid-afternoon we lost the sun behind houses so didn’t see the sun setting unless we went for a walk. Now we can just gaze out of the window 🙂

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  1. Delightful western sunset and sky, Jude. I have lived east/west, north/south, and never decided which I prefer. I am currently south-east/north west, so do get the sunsets, but only over other gardens. I also have so much light in the living room until midday, I often have to close the curtains!
    Regards as always, Pete.

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