There are an enormous amount of crows around the farm next door, but they don’t appear to put off the smaller birds from visiting our garden. Of course photographing those is rather more challenging.


Sometimes living here is a bit like being in a Hitchcock movie…


27 thoughts on “A line of crows

    1. Well they don’t come into the garden but every now and then they take off in a hurry – we think it is when a bird of prey is around. Then the sky really does look like the Hitchcock movie!

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  1. I have two HUGE crows, at least I think they are crows, or are they ravens, I will have to look that up, that come to my lawn every morning. I must try to get a photo of them. If it is like trying to get the neighborhood cat picture it may be awhile! That cute cat always scoots when it sees my camera!


  2. There are lots around here, circling the huge pig farms. The local farmers blast a few of them with shotguns occasionally, but it never seems to reduce their numbers.
    A suitably sinister shot, Jude.
    Regards as always, Pete. x

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