On a cold and cloudy school day you can have the beach all to your self.

Porthminster-Beach-2Porthminster Beach: the little train which runs on the St Ives to St Erth branch line is probably one of the most scenic lines in the country as it follows the coastline and then the Hayle estuary and terminates above this beach.


With views north to the Towans (the three-mile stretch of coastal dunes which extends north-east from the estuary of the River Hayle to Gwithian beach ) and Carn Brea and the Four Lanes transmitter in the background.



22 thoughts on “It’s not always a blue sky day…

  1. Interesting that trains seem to be a theme popping up this week in blogs … and here’s another one!!
    I always get this silly little burst of excitement whenever I see a train go by. It’s right up there with spotting a deer or a rabbit.
    This does look like it would be a lovely train ride along the coast rather than endless miles of trees which is what I’m used to 🙂

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        1. It is a normal train line – a branch line that connects St Ives to St Erth where you change trains for the Penzance to London line. It is also on a park ‘n ride route to keep cars out of the town so I imagine very much full of tourists in the summer and holiday seasons. We used it when we stayed in Penzance as it works out cheaper than the bus. And a much nicer view!

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  2. Oh, beaches! What a change of feel from your Ludlow posts. I too want to ride that train and see that sea and walk, solitary, that beach. Lovely layers in the last photo – and I didn’t even notice the clouds because the colour of the sea is so superlative.


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