Paula’s challenge this week is a little different. She has provided a list of words from which to pick one to illustrate. Having already used decrepit I am moving on to ‘prolific‘ another adjective meaning something which is present in large numbers / quantities.

Showing friends and family around our area last week, we had to take them up Trencrom Hill as it is practically in our backyard. The lanes are a frothy mass of the delicate cow parsley and more rugged looking common hogweed.

cow parsley

And although I was up thereΒ only a week or so ago I was astonished to see so many bluebells flourishing.

bluebells (1)

I always thought bluebells were mostly found in woodlands and that they preferred shady locations. Not so this lot. Out in the full sun and enjoying every minute of it!

bluebells (2)

And with an abundance of foxgloves in bud you can be sure that I shall be back again with my camera. I do so hope you don’t get bored with this hill.



40 thoughts on “Thursday Special: Trencrom Hill

    1. I can’t get a thing done Meg! Every day when I look outside I see something new in flower. I spend an hour walking around my not very big garden and always end up with a handful of weeds and then I have to go inside and get the camera to capture whatever has decided to bloom today. I suspect I have a few more weeds that don’t appear to be doing anything exciting.


    1. There is a smallish woodland at the bottom of the hill so I suppose they must have spread from there, but they are obviously happy on the hill πŸ™‚


  1. Give it a week or two more and you would have done the whole list :). Thank you, Jude. I also thought they are more of a shady kind. The captures are lovely.


    1. Thanks Paula, glad you enjoyed the post. If I wasn’t so busy bumbling about the countryside I might have managed all of the words, but I picked my favourites. Good challenge πŸ™‚


  2. Bluebell girls after my own heart! πŸ™‚ Doing British strawberries with the last of my lemon meringue icecream today. Getting in Wimbledon mode. πŸ™‚ Monty was admiring cow parsley on Friday so you’re in good company.

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    1. I love the cow parsley, it has such delicate leaves too, but all I seem to have is the common hogweed which is a bit of a brute. Monty does have a lovely garden – room enough in his for plenty of the frothy stuff πŸ™‚

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    1. We are high up and very close to the coast so clouds are low and fog comes often – even now as I write this I can’t see the hill opposite. Summer fog, winter rain I suppose. Plus the route up the hill gets muddy. But when it is a clear day I shall scoot up for you and see what’s happening up there πŸ˜€


    1. I can only imagine they migrated from the nearby woods somehow, but they do look right at home in the open air. Need to go back up and see the foxgloves, but not today as it is foggy once more.


    1. Just been busy Jo – out and about, shopping, cleaning, sorting out the shed and the conservatory, buying new furniture… fall into bed dead tired! Hope to get some posts out this weekend!


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