Sometimes it is not a plant itself that catches my eye, but the way the light falls on it casting shadows and patterns as in this delicate bamboo print.

Tremenheere Sculpture Garden. Near Gulval.


21 thoughts on “Shadowland

    1. I don’t know Meg, opportunistic works pretty well. This did inspire me to visit a Japanese garden this week where I found more lovely patterns. I’m missing my camera now…


    1. Thanks Gilly! Out in the garden again trying to contain the weeds. And wondering what on earth a rather large shrub is and whether I should prune it!


      1. Oh dear, not identifiable? It’s overcast here again today and I haven’t been outside the door, good luck with the weeds, an invasion of chuggy-pigs are eating the strawberries 😦


        1. Chuggy-pigs? The shrub flowered in winter with tiny white flowers – it might be a winter honeysuckle as they were definitely fragrant. It just seems to have exploded now and hiding some lovely geraniums underneath. Maybe I can clear the lower branched without causing too much harm?


  1. Great photo Jude. The school where my sister teaches has a themed photo competition every year and a couple of years ago the theme was lace. We went on a holiday to Sydney together and were madly taking photos of shadows like this everywhere because we thought they looked lacy. She didn’t win, but we had some fun.

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  2. I was a bit shocked to realise I haven’t been here since the end of April so I’ve just binge-read all the posts I missed (and drowned your notifications list in Likes in the process). Your photos are as incredible as ever but I do love the harbour ones and the header shot of St Michael’s Mount was a definite winner. Congratulations on another grandson! My parents have a gross imbalance of 7 boys to 3 girls (mostly my fault. 😉 ).


    1. ‘s all right H. I keep checking on you to see whether you have snucked a post in under the radar. I’m doing a lot of binge reading myself at the moment. Surprising amount to do in a new place, but everything is almost in its right location…

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