Pothia is St Ives in English. The Cornish word is made up of porth meaning ‘harbour’Β or ‘cove’ and Saint Ia. She was an Irish saint who came over to Kernow (Cornwall) on a leaf or possibly a coracle.


The church is in the centre of the town, close to the harbour and the memorial garden. Very quiet.

Saint Ia from Smeaton’s Pier

32 thoughts on “Porthia

    1. I should look at the photos better before I comment! The pink flowers which look like on a tree on the tower photo, could actually be Valerian growing out of a wall as I took this photo from quite high up in the town. I shall have to go back to the folder and see if I have any other shots.


        1. Well I have tracked down where it is growing from, there is a garden above that street and the wall is very high. Next time I am in St Ives I shall go and investigate what grows there, of course if it isn’t in flower now I might have to wait until next year to ID it!

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  1. Hi Jude, I know the church well, your photographs – I particularly like the wrought iron gate (would like one of those myself!) – are lovely as always. I wasn’t aware of the history behind the name, so thank you! Simone

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