Not as sharp as I would like, (pesky butterflies refuse to stay still for long enough), but I hope you will agree with me that on enlarging this image it is a fascinating portrait.


Just look at the size of that tongue (proboscis)! Not to mention the eye.


and perching beautifully on my Hemp Agrimony (Eupatorium cannabinum)

(The frothy, pinkish flower clusters appear from July to September and are very attractive to all kinds of insects including butterflies like the Small Tortoiseshell and Red Admiral. Its common name comes from the resemblance of its leaves to Hemp or Cannabis, although it is not related to it. Another common name is “Raspberries and Cream”)


24 thoughts on “In My Garden: Red Admiral

      1. We have a few “basic” butterflies that love certain plants too – particularly heliotrope – and that’s where I have the most success. They’re so busy gorging themselves they don’t notice this big black object poking them in the face 🙂

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      1. We left Cornwall yesterday and are now in Manchester ready to spend the next two weeks with our daughter. The journey from Falmouth to Manchester, about 570 km, would have taken about 6 hours in Australia, but we didn’t count on bumper to bumper traffic on the M5! It took 10 hours door to door.


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