Boats in the Harbour

Deceptively warm looking, it was in fact rather chilly with an icy east wind blowing. The lighthouse at the end of Smeaton’s Pier is standing proud now it has had a make-over.  I wasn’t going to get any closer though for fear of being blown off the wall.

And even in low tide there is plenty of water for the dogs, people and seagulls to enjoy.

Daily Post Photo Challenge | water


25 thoughts on “A crisp autumn day in St Ives

    1. I don’t notice any discernible smell – here in the harbour it has a very sandy bottom so just like any other beach. Some times you get a lot of seaweed washed up on the shore and that can be a bit stinky!

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  1. I can’t escape sea-homesickness! Yesterday we watched family photos of Potato Point on the big screen. The colours are splendid, but I can see cold in them. It’s intriguing to me that there are inland people who find tides strange.


    1. I guess the people who live by the Great Lakes don’t witness any tidal movement. You’re right, that wind was what my mother would call ‘lazy’ – cut right through you. Been warmer and calmer this weekend though.


        1. OOH, can I call myself a coast dweller? Probably not since I can’t actually see the sea from my house and although I could walk there it isn’t as close as you are.


  2. Lovely photographs of somewhere I like very much Jude! Nice when the summer visitors leave though I know these days, Cornwall is busy all year round, just not quite so busy this time of year. 🙂


    1. Ridiculous isn’t it? Our rail fares are absurd. I once got quoted over £300 from Surrey to Manchester (going via London) as it was after 3 pm. And not first class either! That’s half the fare to South Africa.


  3. The blue skies remind me of Perth on a crisp winter’s day. It looks like it should be hot but it isn’t – the southerlies and south westerlies can be very chilly like the easterlies and north easterlies are with you (well maybe not that chilly!). Lovely set of photos 🙂

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