During the last month there has been a return of small birds to the countryside around me. Daily I am drawn to the windows as flocks of birds swoop and dive over the field at the back of my garden. I think they are redwings and /or fieldfares, but they are so quick in the air it is difficult to tell. They fly in flocks, often with starlings, and they roam across the UK’s countryside feeding in fields and hedgerows, arriving in October and November from Russia and Scandinavia.


For more interpretations of the word challenge visit Paula.


17 thoughts on “Thursday Special: Ascending

    1. They leave again in March so I didn’t see them when we moved in. They are very fast, but I keep nipping outside to try and get a picture of a flock as they swoop over the field.


    1. You’re welcome Paula. I was thinking about what you were saying to someone else in the comments about the difficulty in thinking up themes for the challenges – how about one based on using the selection of colour to create a visual context / convey a mood

      red/orange = passion or heat or energy
      pale blue = icy cold, shivers
      pastel colours = calm, soothing
      grey/black&white = nostalgic, sinister

      Just a thought 🙂

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