Or possibly Redwings – all I know is that these little foreign birds are keeping me mesmerised day after day as they sweep through the sky.



30 thoughts on “Flock of fieldfares

    1. Thank you Pete. I must head down to the estuary and see what we have down there. I think I glance black-tailed Godwits when I drove by. I don’t really have the lens for bird-watching though. You need a really powerful zoom for that, unless you are lucky and they are close by.


  1. A beautiful view, Jude. I’m absolutely fascinated by the behaviour of birds. I love the winter on the coast. Late and early flocks of geese fly over the house, what a lovely sound they make!

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        1. Phew! I couldn’t stand the heat on the court so I went and cooked up a Parmigiana in the kitchen! Now I have to go out and collect OH back from Shropshire 🙂


  2. I wonder where they are going? Or where they are coming from? We will see big flocks of unknown birds and they mesmerize me too. I always wonder how they don’t crash into one another.


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