It’s a damp and foggy day and when I look outside my window I see the birds lined up on the power lines. As I take their photo a flock appears from over the roofs of the barns and an almighty hoo-ha take place as the newcomers jostle for a place on the wires.

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Within a few minutes all settle down and everyone huddles up close. I know these images aren’t very good, but it was such an amusing sight. And interesting to see that many of the birds already on the wire held their ground. Shuffling along to accommodate the late arrivals. Birds are so considerate.


Now the meeting can begin… who’s brought the biscuits?

You may ask why they are all facing in the same direction? Well according to scientists (who know all the answers) birds like to sit facing the wind because a) it doesn’t ruffle their feathers and b) they have an easier time taking off and landing when facing the wind.


12 thoughts on “Move over darling…

  1. Most enjoyable, Jude. When I lived in outer London, I used to watch sparrows doing this across old telephone lines (so quite long ago), and they would almost always be ousted by starlings. Must be something about ‘claiming the high ground’.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. I never thought about it, but birds do always face the same way. I must be more observant in the future. I always think if I came back as an animal I’d like to be a bird, except on rainy days. Then it would be most unpleasant.


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