In My Garden: traveller’s joy


Traveller’s Joy or Old Man’s Beard is a member of the Clematis genus and scrambles over hedgerows and plants and in fact anything in its vicinity. As it matures the stems become woody. It is covered in small white flowers throughout summer and can be seen in woodlands and the countryside. In autumn and winter the seeds have long, silky hairs, which form the grey tufted balls that are most noticable. Whilst fairly common in the south of England it is less so as you go north and in places like New Zealand it is very much viewed as a pest.

Inspired by Tish Farrell’s Clock Watching

Black and White Sunday


23 thoughts on “In My Garden: traveller’s joy

        1. Who’s got sciatica? I have problems sometimes with my sciatic nerve. If I twist awkwardly I am in agony! Can hardly move. Need very strong pain killers and my son who also suffers from it has had to be taken to hospital for a cortisone injection! Usually OK after a few days of not being able to walk or bend, and bloody painful.


    1. I have never noticed the flowers when driving though seen the seeds a lot. I have one rambling over the fence at the back of my garden, totally out of control but for now it can stay. There were masses of flowers in the summer.


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