Thursday Special: Pick a Word

amiable robin



  1. having or showing pleasant, good-natured personal qualities; affable:
    an amiable disposition.
  2. friendly; sociable:
    an amiable greeting; an amiable gathering.
  3. agreeable; willing to accept the wishes, decisions, or suggestions of another or others.
  4. Obsolete. lovable or lovely.

I think robins are all of the above and love the fact that they have returned to my garden now (though this one was captured down by the beach).

Paula’s (Lost in Translation) challenge this week is Pick a Word


22 thoughts on “Thursday Special: Pick a Word

  1. What a perfect photo – diagonal, all that negative space and a bird. I’m fond of robins too: the yellow breasted ones. When we were raking up leaf litter they used to gather and skitter up and down tree trunks, or land around my resting feet (a lot of that! I was raking on a slope in the heat) looking for grubs.

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    1. Yellow-breasted ones? Not seen one of those. I know the American robins are different to ours, much redder. I have had to look yours up and blimey! Not only do you have red-breasted, but yellow, pink, white, scarlet, orange and rose!!


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