Boxing Day in Cornwall

Shooting into the sun.

Towanroath Shaft – Chapel Porth

22 thoughts on “Boxing Day in Cornwall

    1. Comes from the days when the upper class gave ‘Christmas boxes’ to their servants to take home on their day off, usually the day after Christmas. It used to be normal to give tradesmen like postmen and milkmen a cash gift at Christmas too.

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    1. Peace and quiet now Jo. Had a lovely walk along the coast here on Boxing Day, big family lunch in Marazion on Tuesday and another lovely day out yesterday with my two other sons, d-i-l and youngest granddaughter who is a real sweetie-pie! (The one in the leaves). She is such a delight to be with. There will be photos posted later. Hope you managed OK. Not long before you fly off again 🙂

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    1. I have enjoyed getting out of the house, not enjoyed all the cooking, and laundry that goes with hosting the family, nor the noise. Nice and quiet now though and I can get back online!


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