I could spend hours standing on the shore watching the breakers roll in.


Waiting for the swell of the sea in the distance



the curl of the wave


the spindrift


the translucent green of the barrel



followed by the white spume crashing on to the rocky headland



or lapping gently on to the sandy shoreline.


and all the time breathing in the salty air and listeningย to the crescendo of the ocean’s orchestra


27 thoughts on “Winter Wave Watching

    1. I’m getting my own back after the torment of your Potato Point beaches when I was living in landlocked Shropshire – I have yet to find one with shells though ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. Boxing Day, not so much, cloudy, then sunny but a chill wind. Nice in the sun and shelter. Wednesday blue, blue, skies and not too bad, but everyone and his dog were out! Parking is limited down here and we were looking for two spaces so almost impossible.

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  1. We lived about 18 months near the beach at Savannah, Georgia. I loved the waves, especially in the Winter. I spent hours there at a time, walking and listening to the waves, watching them roll in – each one different. One of my favorite ways to “recharge my batteries” after a long week! Your photos are lovely, Jude, and brought back those wonderful times.

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