And before the festive season is over I bring you the Christmas Harbour lights of Mousehole.

Snowflakes on the hill
Snowflakes on the hill
A robin in the trees
A robin in the trees
And lights around the harbour
lights around the harbour

And did anyone spot the champagne being poured?


21 thoughts on “Christmas Harbour Lights

    1. I don’t follow Jaspa though I do look in now and then. I guess we are about 15 minutes drive away from Mousehole. How’s it in the Algarve then? Sunny? We had stunning blue skies today and yesterday and my first frost since moving here this morning! I think I may have lost some of my succulents 😦


      1. 14km walk of too many ups and downs and a blister, but I’m taking it easy at a fish restaurant with Becky tomorrow. To be fair, there was a lovely meal today too, and very nice company. Wet overnight and cloudy early on but it was 19C by the time we came back down from the hills. 🙂

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  1. You’re a brave woman, tackling lights. I’m hoping ours hang around long enough for me to get the hang of snapping them. I’ve made a few forays, and got a few clues by failure rather than technical know-how. That first one with reflections is a real beauty.

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    1. I never use a tripod Dina. I really ought to try using one some times, it would have been tricky here as it was quite crowded. I do have a reasonably fast prime lens which works fairly well hand-held.

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