One of my favourite seascapes is out by Godrevy Head and lighthouse. Although the cliffs are suffering from erosion and several sets of steps and stairways have collapsed there are still a few ways down onto the beaches if you take care.



25 thoughts on “Godrevy

  1. It looks great, Jude. We love lighthouses. ❤ Is this far away from where you live?
    We had glorious sunshine in Cley too and went to the beach. The waves were huge and I felt almost sorry I didn't bring my tripod, but it was great to feel the warmth(!) of the sun again. The weather forecast promised cold weather and I was hoping for some frost, but it's more like spring. Which is great for Pete and Ollie, but we love real wintertime …

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    1. Grey, mild here too. Planted some colourful primulas yesterday and spotted my white ‘Christmas Rose’ hellebore has buds – last year it had none at all. Planning a lazy weekend – reading, blogging, watching the garden birds. Hope all is well with you.


    1. I had a go once, but by the time I reached the site the sun had practically disappeared under a black cloud (the header photo if you press HOME). I shall try and time it better this year! I hope you weren’t caught out by the recent fires over your way. Looked horrific.

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      1. Yes, sorry, I saw the header afterwards and thought it was quite nice. I’d try and get there early and set up and manage around that. The fires weren’t as close to me this time around, more Glencairn, Welcome Glen and Simonstown. I could hear the sirens all day long and could smell the smoke but the visibility was still fairly okay unlike last time. I’ve just got such a backlog of photos to deal with, firstly from my son’s wedding and then my Morocco trip that I couldn’t gather the energy to go out photographing the fires this time. It was awful though.


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