Surfer 2



17 thoughts on “Surfer 2

  1. I remember when surfers started to flock to some Cornish beaches, decades ago now. The last time I was in Newquay, the atmosphere had been changed completely by the surfing ‘industry’, and the presence of so many young people. Nice sky in this one, Jude.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. I think Newquay was ruined when it became a ‘must go to’place for stag and hen dos. I remember it as a most genteel town, but then I am going back to the 1960s. Haven’t been since.


      1. I might just be able to manage that, if I could stop coughing for long enough. Mind you, I’d have to wear my woolly jamas and dressing gown. Delightful picture, isn’t it? Got half an eye on Dan Evans this morning. 1 set each, and battling in the 3rd against Tsonga. He’s a good scrapper this lad 🙂

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