In My Garden


(in my garden will be an irregular series of things discovered that don’t really fit into any other category.)


14 thoughts on “In My Garden

    1. Given that there must be thousands of them here now, I am not inclined to encourage them to feed in the garden – one or two do attempt to eat the suet and it is funny watching them try and support their weight on twigs! One was practically doing the splits the other day, but he was most determined to keep on snacking!

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    1. It was only fieldfares until December then the starlings arrived – there are thousands of them! Nice murmurations, but we are too close to see properly. Often they are happening over my head!

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      1. Well it’s good to know they are somewhere. I think our nearest sighting of a good murmuration is over in Newport (Shrops). My own last sighting was over the old pier on Brighton beach. V. atmospheric and much photographed by professional photographers.

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