Sunset over Mount’s Bay

16 thoughts on “Sunset in the sand

  1. Glorious captures, Jude. This surely makes up for all the goodies you miss from Shropshire! 🙂
    Warm greetings from Norway. Still grey and much too warm … 😦
    Wishing a wonderful weekend. x

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    1. Very windy this morning Jo and raining cats and dogs so we vetoed the shopping until tomorrow when the sun is supposed to shine. Saying that it did shine later this afternoon! Ms Wifi behaving today which is extraordinary given the weather o_O

      The sunset was post Christmas so not so recent.

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        1. Annual (costly) family lunch 😀 We took them to one of our favourite restaurants overlooking St Michael’s Mount and caught this lovely sunset as we departed.


    1. I was lucky when we lived in Surrey as our 2nd floor flat faced east-west. So sunrise in the kitchen and sunset in the lounge. Perfection. The Ludlow house was hemmed in by other buildings so not much light. And yes, the colours are so wonderful, no two sunsets are the same.


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