Even a cold winter’s day ( 6°C) couldn’t deter these hardy surfers and paddleboarder from the water in Porthleven.






47 thoughts on “Feel the love

        1. That is very generous! Mindst you there is no way I could carry that much – my case is usually around the 12kg mark! It does have wheels, but lifting it on and off trains is no fun 😦

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    1. The water did look cold, dark grey and green instead of the lovely warm blue, but it was also quite cloudy too. We spoke to one chap who passed us and he said it was actually warmer in the water than out. I’ll take his word for it!

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      1. I did get a card but I forgot to get Mick one so I improvised with some paper hearts. It amused me 🙂 Bought my own roses. £2.09 from Aldi! Last of the big spenders 🙂 Just as well because the James saga gets worse. The employer is withholding this month’s wage as a down payment on the £24,000. And yes- it’s in his contract! 😦


        1. Ha…yes, I can see why you would like that part 🙂 You’re so knowledgable about botany, thanks for that little snippet, I had no idea. Did I ever tell you I had a palm tree in the garden of house I rented in Dorset when I first moved back to the UK after California? I thought that was quite ironic… 😉


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