Godrevy beach… again!



27 thoughts on “Godrevy beach… again!

    1. I think it is the best county for the coastline – lots of wide beaches and also small coves, many inaccessible except by boat. And the colour of the water can be almost NZ like 🙂


      1. Back last night. It was a bit of a flying visit with 5+ hours driving each way, but a pretty island. Stories to tell but not on WP. I know I owe you an email but I’m waiting for good news. (and 5 minutes!) Didn’t have Welsh cakes or Welsh Rarebit. Sad face 😦 😦

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        1. Welsh cakes are nothing to write home about, drop scones with fruit and Welsh Rarebit you can make at home… Welsh lamb on the other hand is yummy! Let’s hope there is good news soon, neither of us are getting any younger you know!! (Sorry for late reply but no broadband yesterday…)

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  1. It looks like a picture postcard, truly beautiful, Jude. I’d revisit this famous place over and over again. I suppose it’s a bit like walking out the outer Point in Blakeney. It’s magic and it looks somewhat different each time depending on the tide, the light, the weather, the time of the year. Sorry for being so late, I was doing some serious travelling between Norway, Germany and Norfolk the last couple of weeks. Living at the end of Norfolk means travelling is time consuming …

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    1. Nice to see you drop by Dina. I know what you mean about the travelling! It used to take us over an hour to reach a motorway from Ludlow and getting to London and airports was a major ordeal. Now we are two hours from the motorway! Luckily neither of us feels like flying that often now.

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