cornwall in colours

I like the colours in this twisted rope – the colours of Cornwall – with the yellow for the beaches, lichens and daffodil fields; turquoise and cyan for the sea and sky and the natural tones for the granite.


26 thoughts on “cornwall in colours

    1. Will take laptop to PC World on Tuesday and see what they say. Bit nervous of the smaller companies. A shame I am not nearer to my daughter as he partner could easily take a look at it – he works in IT support!
      Bit rainy here, so I think I shall read a book today.


        1. I know what that’s like (well maybe not the marathon bit, the only marathons I have come across are those you can eat… 😉 ) Hope you get a chance to put your feet up this weekend!

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        2. I’m also trying to put in a shed. It’s taking up my focus to the point that I had to warn the boys that the Easter Bunny was taking the discount route and would supply chocolate goodies some time tomorrow evening or Monday. Life is a little bit mad…

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        3. I am quite sure your boys are too old for the Easter Bunny and more than old enough to help you with the shed! Get them off those phones/laptops/X-Box and out there! Well maybe not right now, it is probably bed-time over there!

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