Carn Galver Mine lies alongside the B3306 coast road in north Penwith, situated roughly midway between Zennor and St. Just. The pair of engine houses mark the start of arguably the most concentrated area of mines in the county.

The westernmost engine house retains its chimney and used to house a 40-inch pumping engine and seems oddly juxtaposed among the natural surroundings.

The Western Penwith region is much less changed by modern housing developments and infrastructure than the Redruth and Camborne area of the Great Flat Lode mines. 


28 thoughts on “Thursday Special: Carn Galver Mine

      1. But what about the modern hosing developments spooling the ambience, which is what I think yo are alluding to in Redruth and Camborne….demolishment of engine houses or not….


        1. I still need to return there, but from what I saw the housing is quite sparse. There are some buildings near the A30 which I haven’t figured out how to approach. Once I have the house and garden sorted I shall make more effort to explore the surrounding area.

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  1. Nice one for the ‘juxtaposition’ theme, Jude.
    I can almost see Ross Poldark riding his horse up to that mine!
    Best wishes, Pete. x
    (Chilly winds here too. Getting colder as the month goes on. Heating on tonight…)

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    1. Ah, yes the header. Gorgeous headland and I believe steep cliffs that are used for mountaineering. Opposite is a tor with Neolithic remains so it is quite an interesting spot.


    1. It must have been so hard for the workers, grafting underground for many hours and then having to walk home over the bleak and barren moorland. The noise of the engines, the smoke, the clanging of the stamps – no it would not have been anywhere nearly as pretty.


  2. Beautiful captures, Jude❣️ I hope they people in charge don’t allow too many wind turbines in your wonderful landscape. Do you have many offshore – almost onshore wind parks on your coast like we have on the east coast?

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    1. I haven’t seen any offshore – though there is a wave turbine off the coast near here, but there are an awful lot of wind turbines. Mostly single ones on farms, but some clusters. I hadn’t realised how many until I looked at a map showing them, and then on the drive to Devon last week I noticed a lot more than I have done before. It is a windy place though so to be expected. I wonder if I can get one to power my home?


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