Enjoying a visit to a spring garden

Cornwall is famous for its spring gardens, where magnolias and camellias bloom in February followed swiftly by snowdrops, primroses, azaleas, rhododendrons, bluebells and many other delights.

Although I have visited Trelissick garden on the Fal river many times, it is always a joy to see what is flowering. This time I decided to play around with the art effects on my camera to mix things up a bit.

Pop over to Paula to see more spring delights.


31 thoughts on “Thursday Special: Vernal

  1. ooh was enjoying the pics before I read your words and for a moment with one of them I thought it was my eyes not you having fun! Love the penultimate one – green with a hint of camellia coming out.

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    1. Sorry about that! Sometimes I get a little bored trying to figure different ways of photographing the same things so I thought I’d change the settings for a bit. It can produce some interesting shots and I particularly like the one with the people in, with their crinkly jeans and jackets. I will do a more normal post soon!

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  2. They remind me of oil paintings, Jude, which I suppose is the idea.
    Raining here today, more like that April we never really had. I think the year is running one month behind!
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  3. When do you usually have your last frost? Again, the camellias remind me so much of the Pacific Northwest of the US which also gets lots of rain, though off the Pacific Ocean.


    1. Cornwall doesn’t get too much frost, I think we had about three during the winter, but in other parts of the country they can still happen until mid May. The gulf stream keeps the temperatures warmer along the western coast. I think wind is probably what causes most damage, especially to trees, here in Cornwall.


  4. What fun, it’s surprising to see what works well and what doesn’t. I haven’t been to Trellissick, but I’m not keen on Rhodies. I’ve woken up to glorious sunshine when rain was forecast, I hope you have to.

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    1. I’m not a rhodie fan either, too flamboyant for me, but I do like the colours of the azaleas. We had rain yesterday, today is cloudy, windy but so far dry. Still a lot to do in the garden, but I feel too tired today.


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