Cerulean skies, Cornish palm in flower, sleepy sheep and Alice surrounded by the dairy herd. The view from our house in the country just gets better.


40 thoughts on “Alice in a heatwave

  1. This iconic view is to die for, Jude!! (well, almost) 😉
    I just noticed we all turned green with envy, Siri and Selma love the colour match of their summer dresses. 🍀💚💚💚💚🍀
    It looks like the photo is taken from an elevated point, is your hous on a little hilltop?
    Have a great weekend, wishing you the best of all summers in Cornwall – now that we have celebrated summer solstice in Norway 🇳🇴
    Dina & co x

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    1. I remember celebrating midsummer in Norway – beacons lit on the top of the mountains – and a time when sleep was virtually impossible because it never really gets dark! The photos were taken from the upstairs window, but yes, we are practically on the top of a hill 🙂


      1. Pokes tongue out! And you really can’t blame me. 🙂 I bit off more than I could manage on the Moors this afternoon. A bit of ungainly scrambling going on. 😦 Enjoy tomorrow! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the weather.

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    1. Makes a change from looking at other people’s houses, but then we can’t just walk to a bus stop, so there are pros and cons. For the moment though I am happy enough to put up with the cons 😀

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      1. Luckily we are not too close to other people’s houses either. And for the views: ours are not that far-reaching, but we (nearly) always have deer in our garden. So that’s great, too. And as for the bus: there’s no bus service at all in Fredericksburg. So, there are always pros and cons, as you said, and it’s a matter of what one prefers. We’re very happy here, too.

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    1. Three. This one only on Cornwall, the Travel Blog for travels elsewhere and photo challenges and the garden blog because that is fairly specialised. When it comes to having to pay for a blog site I may just have the one!!


  2. Wow Jude – that’s your view? It’s glorious! And what a heatwave too…long gone now though 😦 Although it was almost too hot. Grey and rain now but then again, at least I have full water butts again 😉 xxx


    1. Yes that sort of heat is too much for my pale English skin, but it was nice to be able to sit outside and read for a change. Cold, wet and blustery now again. Be nice to have a happy medium!

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