The village of Marazion (Cornish: Marhasyow) , West Cornwall from St Michael’s Mount laundry lawn.

Marazion was once a flourishing town, owing its prosperity to the throng of pilgrims who came to visit St Michael’s Mount (this ceased at the time of the Reformation). During the first half of the 16th century it was twice plundered; first by the French, and later by Cornish rebels.

People still flock to St Michael’s Mount to visit the castle and the wonderful terraced gardens and there are a few nice eateries in the town and on the island.


17 thoughts on “Marazion

  1. It’s a lovely view, rightly worth a frame. Everything close to water in Cornwall looks like a picture book. German TV loves the whole coastline and does a lot of filming there. The name of Cornwall has a very romantic feeling after all the R. Pilcher novels/films.
    Have great weekend, Jude. Enjoy tennis! 🙂 We keep our fingers, toes and wings crossed for Andy Murray. He did an excellent job yesterday.

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    1. You are quite right, the coastline does look very beautiful, probably because of the colour of the water. Shame that Murray didn’t manage to get through, but hoping for a good match tomorrow.

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    1. It is pretty chokker now Pete. I don’t recall it being so busy when I took my children there in 1991. Schools break up next week so it will be a while before I am back there!

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    1. Well it’s not very far off the mainland, and yes it was a lovely day. A belated birthday lunch for the OH as I was too ill on the actual date to take him out. Well worth waiting for though.


      1. No worries, Jude. You’ve enough to think about. I was going to leave it and text again tomorrow but I know you’ve family there so your hands are full. 🙂


        1. Home at the moment to catch my breath. Family left early in the week so I was alone, rather strange and unsettling. Back again next week, for who knows how long.

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