St Ives Sunset

The Celtic Sea

35 thoughts on “St Ives Sunset

    1. Meant to say that regarding the WP emails, I have noticed that comments and follows that I usually receive via email have not arrived for days. Today I have been swamped with comments going back a week!! So a lot of your messages you have probably already read in the notification bar.

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        1. I don’t think they have ever heard of “never change a running system”. And mostly their changes are just for change’s sake, not for real improvements.

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        2. Well, on the one hand they seem to put quite an importance on blogging from smartphone nowadays, and on the other hand I sometimes think that their development team just need to justify their existence by adding/changing features.

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    1. No. I suspect some sort of night flying beetle. Bigger than bumble bees. Used to get something like it in SA – we called them June bugs and they were enormous! Once got one tangled in my hair and I totally freaked out!

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    1. Hoping to be out of hospital soon, but that also scares me! Still, it will be nice to get home again. I miss my garden and know it will be going to pieces as OH is not a gardener.

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      1. Jude I can appreciate the reassurance of having your son in hospital and being cared for and watched. One wants them better and to move on with life and yet that security of having health care staff close at hand sits in the balance. Wishing a smooth transition and nothing but positive steps forward. Hoping you return home to the garden in relatively good form.

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