Godrevy Lighthouse: from a distance

View to Godrevy Lighthouse from Porthminster Beach

25 thoughts on “Godrevy Lighthouse: from a distance

  1. Hi Jude! It’s that person who makes you smile, again 🙂 🙂 Soon be back there, darlin’. Hope the packing/organising/travel goes well. You’ve got me singing that Bette Midler song now. 🙂

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    1. Exhausted today! I have some kind of allergic reaction on my left hand. All swollen and several burns/blisters which are very painful. Think it might have been done by brushing against leylandii trees as I get in to the car. Quite an extreme reaction though! And all I need…


        1. Shall stay off the antihistamines tomorrow, really knocked me out today! Hand is painful but I’m sure I’ll manage. I have never had such a painful reaction though. The blisters look as though I have been splashed with hot oil!


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