Logan Rock

Perched on top of the Teryn Dinas (Treen Castle) cliffs at Treen, across the bay from Porthcurno, is the Logan Rock. It’s a 65 ton, naturally balanced rock about 30 metres above the sea – at one time the rock would sway or ‘log’ when pushed, but in 1824 something happened….


28 thoughts on “Logan Rock

  1. How daft are people? 🙂 🙂 The photo in the article is much sunnier and inviting. I thought you were taking a leaf out of Sue’s book with a series on Two’s. 🙂 Settled back in the lap of the Cornish gods? Hope all goes well.

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    1. Don’t mention series! I need to add more trees to my blog. Sort of forgot about them! If it had been sunnier this beach would have been packed! As it was the rain came down and we got wet…

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  2. Oh, goodness, it’s more than three decades since I saw the Logan Rock….and can you believe, I didn’t know the history. From memory, I’m thinking Mousehole is near?

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  3. I like the photo a lot. Of course, it’s not easy to see that rock in the distance, but the photo creates a kind of a mystical atmosphere.
    Enjoy your weekend,

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