The shy Dunnock can be seen hopping about under hedges as its other name, ‘Hedge Sparrow’, suggests (though it’s not actually a sparrow). It inhabits gardens, woodlands, hedgerows and parks.

Six on Saturday | March exits like a Lamb

Five Saturdays this month and this last week has been beautiful, though I was taken by surprise to see frost in the fields the other morning. Warm sun by day, but cold by night. And despite the sore back I just had to get out into the garden and do some planting and weeding and…

Changing Seasons – March 2019

March came in like the proverbial lion along with two storms which brought gale force winds to this area for over a week. Not only was it windy, but also cold – the wind cut right through you making going outdoors for even a few minutes, unpleasant. Thankfully towards the end of the month things…

Can you ever have too many Camellias?

Cornish gardens are notorious in early spring for their abundance of Camellias, Magnolias, Azaleas and Rhododendrons.¬† And this year I am trying to visit as many as possible. In addition to the exercise we get by walking the miles of footpaths, I get to indulge my passion for flowers and my love of photography. Trengwainton…

Feeling Fragile

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge  #38 | Weathered or Worn

Six on Saturday | Spring has Sprung

It has been a mixed week. Sunshine, showers and fog. But no wind! And the vernal equinox! It has been very still in the garden and warm too. Warm enough to encourage some of the tulip bulbs into flower. I hope this doesn’t mean they will be all over by May! Unfortunately a little light…


Through the Gateway

Six on Saturday | MAD March Edition

Spoke too soon! Spring has disappeared and winter has returned. I have never known a week like this for gale force winds! Not only wind, but one which cuts straight through you. And rain. It has been practically impossible to step outdoors, let alone take a camera out. So this week’s six has come from…

Godolphin Gardens in early Spring

Godolphin is a historic estate built on land rich in tin and copper. It was developed by the Godolphin family before political power beckoned and the grounds and buildings became a tenant farm holding. Around 1300 Sir Alexander Godolghan built a castle here, laid out on a 4.5-acre site divided into 9 equal-sized squares. The…

Winter Light

Light and shadows of a winter’s afternoon, muted colours of earth and wood and stone.