Not really, but it certainly looked as though the cloud was appearing from the chimney pot at the back of my house. A different view as this faces east. And with the sun rising at a much later time I was able to capture the sky at dawn.

Six on Saturday | Aubergines

But maybe not as you or I know them. Most of us recognise the aubergine as a plump purple vegetable, but it is actually a fruit like the tomato (and from the same family – solanaceae). During my last visit to the Eden Project I happened to come across a whole bed of distinctive aubergines and…

The Shining

More ‘ant’ people and a couple of ‘ant’ dogs enjoying the sun at Porthtowan’s beach last week. And one of my favourite shots of sun sparkling on the water.

A Stonking Sunset

Sunday’s sunset was an incredible sight – starting off with pleasant pink streaks 360°  around the house it gradually deepened and lit up the horizon with purple, yellow, aquamarine, peach, orange and red. One great thing about autumn. The Sky Painter returns.

a cornish view

A blogging friend of mine once said how much she loved my ‘signature’ ant people as I photograph beaches from the cliff tops. So here’s a recent one for her. Godrevy beaches all joined up at low tide, September 27

Six on Saturday | October Edition

I missed out on a Six last week as the builders had taken over the garden and I also had my monthly nature round-up to write about.  I have eventually managed to get into the garden and check on any damage and hopefully next week I can set about planting all the hundreds of bulbs…


Whilst strolling along the cliffs at Godrevy I looked up towards the Point and noticed this person standing right on the edge of the area overlooking Mutton Cove (where the seals bask). After taking the shot I thought it was rather odd. The woman appears to have three legs. On zooming in I realise that…

cornwall in colour: birthday blues

I might just have to go back to the shop and buy this sign. As I head into mid-autumn and winter approaches (not only in the meteorological seasons, but also in my age) I must get out more and start dancing in that rain, before it is too late.

Cornish beaches: Godrevy

Godrevy lighthouse was my muse for all of 2017. But even though the lighthouse and the landscape has featured heavily on this blog, I have not actually written about the beach itself. The beach stretches from the north side of where the Red River runs into the sea at Gwithian. It is broken into several…

Changing Seasons – September

Month nine of my photographer’s nature journal. Time to go back to the lanes and see what, if anything, is around. It is a sublime day. Cloudless blue sky, temperature around 17°C and barely the whisper of a breeze. Robins serenade me on my circuit of the lanes and the hill. Yes, a walk around…