More ‘Ant’ People

Low tide when the beaches of Godrevy and Gwithian link up and you can walk across the Red River which divides the two. Taking a photograph from the top of the cliffs is a favourite of mine. I love to see the ‘ant’ people.


Gwithian Beach November 2018

The Shining

More ‘ant’ people and a couple of ‘ant’ dogs enjoying the sun at Porthtowan’s beach last week. And one of my favourite shots of sun sparkling on the water.

A lot like Lowry

A blogging friend of mine once said how much she loved my ‘signature’ ant people as I photograph beaches from the cliff tops. So here’s a recent one for her. Godrevy beaches all joined up at low tide, September 27

Cornish beaches: Godrevy

Godrevy lighthouse was my muse for all of 2017. But even though the lighthouse and the landscape has featured heavily on this blog, I have not actually written about the beach itself. The beach stretches from the north side of where the Red River runs into the sea at Gwithian. It is broken into several…

Cornish beaches: Holywell Beach

One of Holywell Bay’s most distinctive features are the twin rocks just of the coast. These two huge rocks are known as Gull Rocks or Carter’s Rocks. Those of you who watch the TV series ‘Poldark’ may recognise these images. Holywell beach is owned by the Warleggans . The name Holywell is derived from holy well…

Cornish beaches: Polly Joke

Otherwise known as Porth Joke. (Remember Porth in Cornwall means a bay, port or harbour). The name Polly Joke is thought to be derived from the Cornish ‘Pol-Lejouack’ meaning Jackdaw cove. It is a V-shaped strip of beach tucked in between Kelsey Head and West Pentire Point on the north Cornish coast close to Newquay. …