Cornwall in Colours

I don’t often go to the beach during the summer, but my youngest son and family paid us a visit in early July and we met up at Godrevy for lunch and a wander on the beach. It was a beautiful day with barely a whisper of a cloud in sight. Later on in the…

More ‘Ant’ People

Low tide when the beaches of Godrevy and Gwithian link up and you can walk across the Red River which divides the two. Taking a photograph from the top of the cliffs is a favourite of mine. I love to see the ‘ant’ people.


Gwithian Beach November 2018

A lot like Lowry

A blogging friend of mine once said how much she loved my ‘signature’ ant people as I photograph beaches from the cliff tops. So here’s a recent one for her. Godrevy beaches all joined up at low tide, September 27

in a reflective mood

The clocks go back today (GMT), which means that sunset will be an hour earlier and as a consequence the evening will seem much longer. I hate this time of year when so often the days are gloomy too, making me want to hibernate until January when the days grow longer once again. Perhaps I…

gwithian sands: red flag flying

There was no one in the sea on this bright day, despite some good surfing waves, and the lifeguards were patrolling the beach warning people to stay out of the water. At first we thought it was because of the very strong winds, but after discovering a Portuguese man-of-war on the sand we realised why…

rock patterns

I’ve touched on the geology of this region before, but not on this blog. So it is about time I took more interest in the rocks around this land. Sadly a lot of the coastal areas are eroding and cliff-falls are very much the norm so you are advised not to walk too close to…