The Lanes in May

We live in the countryside, but not in a remote location as it is only 3 miles to the former fishing village of St Ives and 4 miles to the former industrial town of Hayle. One of the advantages of living here is that we can walk straight out of our front door and into…

Fairy Flowers

Our native type (Hyacinthoides non-scripta, otherwise named common bluebells, English bluebells, British bluebells, wood bells, fairy flowers and wild hyacinth) appears in ancient woodlands and along woodland edges in April and May. The sweetly scented flowers only droop from one side of the stem and have narrow leaves unlike the Spanish invaders which are paler and…

St George’s Day – or is it?

I have always known 23rd April to be the day we English celebrate St George, our patron saint (though I personally think we should acknowledge St Edmund  the Martyr as he was at least English and once held that honour). Maybe instead of raising the red cross  of St George  instead we ought to be…

Around Trencrom

In early April we were hit once more by wind and rain, freezing temperatures and hailstones, but shortly before that I managed to get in a circular walk around the lanes and the base of Trencrom Hill. Last time I did this I managed to get stuck in the mud and ended up walking half…

Welcome the ‘Sky Painter’ #5

A view towards the Celtic Sea and the hills of West Penwith – this scene has been typical for several nights now, but I still am in awe of it. Taken from the top of Trencrom HIll.

Welcome the ‘Sky Painter’ #2

Climbing up to the top of Trencrom Hill at 9 p.m is easy on a midsummer’s night (why is it midsummer when summer only began on 1st or 21st June depending whether you go by the meteorological or astronomical seasons, mid year would make more sense) as the sun is still in the sky. Coming…

up on the hill

I have been neglecting ‘my’ hill for months having obsessed over it during my first year of living down here. Last year Godrevy lighthouse became the object of my obsession and so far this year I haven’t found anything to usurp the lighthouse. Last week we had a brief interlude of a day without rain…

day 16: the hill

STRATOCUMULUS clouds are spread out heaps of dense cover that rise higher in the atmosphere. December’s #SquareSky challenge | Silhouetted Stones

day 10: Rain Clouds

CUMULONIMBUS clouds are piled up high like scoops of dark ice cream. These clouds usually bring rain showers. To the north, in the background, it looks to be already raining heavily, whilst here on the top of Trencrom Hill we are enjoying sunshine and blue skies December’s #SquareSky challenge | Rain Clouds

day six: low altitude clouds

STRATOCUMULUS clouds are spread out heaps of dense cover that rise higher in the atmosphere. December’s #SquareSky challenge | Sratocumulus